Cath Founcation logo_Color_Vertical (2)Bishop Joseph Brunini and 23 visionary Catholic leaders from throughout the Diocese of Jackson established the Catholic Foundation in 1973. Their enthusiasm was focused on creating a way to encourage and assist the people of the diocese to provide for the future financial security of their parishes, schools, and other organizations under the auspices of the diocese.

Since then, the Foundation has grown both monetarily and in the number of endowments under its management. In 1973, the managed assets were $173,691 with four endowments, and by 1992 assets were $2,463,356 with 115 endowments. Today, the Catholic Foundation manages 396 trust funds and insurance policies with more than $20 million in assets.

Most parishes and schools in the Diocese now have at least one trust to provide for future financial stability. The Foundation office is funded by memberships and endowments.

The Bishop and the Board of Directors preside over the Foundation. The Investment Committee, made up of experienced and knowledgeable business community leaders, manages the funds entrusted to it using strict investment policies.

We believe our vision and mission is to create ways for our parishioners and friends to leave legacies that will perpetuate a strong sense of Catholic values that will influence lives for generations to come.

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Foundation Officers

  • Bishop Joseph Kopacz – Director
  • Joe  Rice, Jr – President
  • Chris Correro – Vice President

  • Michael Kimbrell – Treasurer
  • Diane Pumphrey – Secretary

Foundation Board of Directors

Most Reverend Joseph Kopacz, Jackson

Charles P. Adams, Jr., Floridia

Marc Biggers, Greenwood

Patrick Biglane, Natchez

Sara  Burrow, Madison

Paul Cassisa, Oxford

Chris Correro, Madison

Rev. Francis  Cosgrove, Madison

Rickey DeAngelo

Michael  Dowell, Ridgeland

Wayne Eblehar, Greenville

George Evans, Madison

D. Keith Fulcher, Cleveland

John Geary, Jackson

Armand Guizerix, III, Vicksburg


Robin Haire, Tupelo

Julie Harkins, Flora

Harrison  Hart, Madison

Ewin Henson, III, Greenwood

Dr. Karen Hulett, Madison

Rev. Gerry Hurley, Flowood

Rev. Thomas Lalor, Vicksburg

Bishop Joseph Latino, Jackson

Michael Kimbrell, Brandon

Jeff King, Brandon

Anna Langley, Oxford

Lewis  Mallory, Jr., Starkville

Jim McCraw, Jackson

William O’Connor, Clinton

Emil Pawlik, Jackson


Diane Pumphrey, Madison

Joe  Rice, Jr., Ridgeland

Marion Roberson, Vicksburg

Steve Shackelford, Jackson

Bryan Shaver, Olive Branch

Rev. Kevin Slattery, Gluckstadt

Michael Smith, Brookhaven

A.J. Stone, Jr., Jackson

Yvonne Thaxton, Brandon

Katie  Walley, Brandon

Christopher Walters, Brandon

Dr. David  Wender, Jackson

Lee White, II, Natchez

Donna Williams, Clinton